1808 Delaware Seeking Site Coordinator

23 Jun , 2019  

We’re looking for someone to join us in riding what just might be the newest wave in local media.

In a post on the Total|Local Media website Friday morning the company, which publishes both 1808Delaware and 1812Blockhouse, announced that is accepting applications for a new, part-time Site Coordinator position.
“It’s an exciting time across the country for local news sites,” said Total|Local Media owner Thomas Palmer, “and no more so than in central Ohio. With a legacy newspaper company joined by another legacy affiliate, some metro media coverage from Columbus, and the unique approach of 1808Delaware, Delaware County has become a very interesting place to be in 2019. We have truly enjoyed engaging with central Ohio”

As the announcement notes, the position is an ideal one for a creative, resourceful, and computer-savvy person seeking at-home, part-time work. The hours are flexible and can be built around existing jobs or time commitments.

For more information, the position announcement can be accessed here


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