Delaware County Commissioners Welcome Intel Announcement

21 Jan , 2022  

From Delaware County, Special to 1808Delaware

With today’s announcement of a $20 billion chip-manufacturing facility to be built in Central Ohio for the Intel Corporation, Delaware County’s Commissioners lauded the news for the economic boon it represents for the entire region. They also pointed out that the news heralds business and building opportunities for the entire region.

“This is a transformative deal and we salute all the jurisdictions and organizations involved in making this happen, particularly One Columbus, JobsOhio and The New Albany Company,” said Commissioner Barb Lewis, president of this year’s Board of Commissioners. “And just as we saw when Honda America built their plant in Marysville, Intel’s arrival in central Ohio promises to bring great economic opportunity to the surrounding counties.”

The Intel chip-manufacturing plant will employ an estimated 3,000 people with a ripple effect that should see thousands more employed in related industries. The project will require significant investment in the area’s infrastructure, particularly for water and sewer services. The housing and transportation sectors also will be impacted. But with impact comes opportunity, noted Commissioner Gary Merrell.

“This is fantastic news for Central Ohio,” Merrell said. “Job creation and opportunities will be considerable. It is now up to all of us to manage this growth in a way that benefits everyone today and into the future. Those with the vision that brought Intel to central Ohio should be applauded, but the leadership needed is just beginning.”

Commissioner Jeff Benton added that it was exciting to see this kind of manufacturing investment within the U.S.

“As the pandemic has unfortunately shown us,” Benton said, “disruptions to global supply chains can have far-ranging effects. This plant and its products are a big step toward stabilizing so many other industries within the American economy. And in Delaware County, we have positioned ourselves to be a part of the opportunities that the future offers, whether it’s shovel-ready sites for ancillary businesses or providing the well-educated workforce this industry requires.”

Image by Nico Franz from Pixabay

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