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Get Smohked In Downtown Delaware

1 Nov , 2018  

Yes, that is spelled correctly!

Here you thought that barbecue was limited to varieties from Texas, Kansas City and the Carolinas. On the contrary, great barbecue can be found around the world.

You can find proof of that statement at Smohked Ohio BBQ & Bar, downtown Delaware’s newest eating and drinking establishment, located at 14 West William Street.

This 2,000 square foot restaurant opened on October 18. The appetizer menu alone is worth the trip – imagine house pickles, grilled corn chowder, deviled eggs, smOHked chicken wings, BBQ sliders, spinach & artichoke dip, and southern sweet potato waffle fries. In addition to classic servings of barbecue, salads and sandwiches are available.

And, of course, wine and barrel aged spirits are on tap to go with that great food.

A new addition at Smohked is the NFL on four televisions each Sunday afternoon.

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