The Future Of Bowling Arrives At Polaris

24 Sep , 2019  

The future of bowling can soon be experienced in Delaware County.

Star Lanes Polaris on Lyra Drive has announed the arrive of HyperBowling on October 1, a new form of the sport from bowling equipment supplier QubicaAMF.

According to Star Lane’s website, “HyperBowling was designed around an innovative new LED bumper system, which is actually meant to be used as part of the game. The LED lights create moving targets that players aim to hit or avoid. Each game has its own unique set of challenges and levels and includes video-game elements never-before-seen in bowling.

For everyone looking for fun and to get to know HyperBowling. Take aim at the colorful targets on the lanes that multiply your pinfall. It may look easy at first but watch out! Each level increases in difficulty.”

A pro version, team version, and other games are also available.

To get a feel for what’s coming, here is a recent video posted by Star Lanes Polaris with a preview of HyperBowling.


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