Delaware County News: Weekend

4 Jul , 2020  

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Weather for Independence Day

Hi 91º | 10% chance of precipitation | Mostly clear and hot ahead


COVID-19 active cases increase to 104
OWU professors wrap up course on coronavirus
Jury trials resume in county
City recovery program surpasses $50,000 in grants



1808Delaware Will Be Sharing Additional Statehouse Coverage

16 Jun , 2020  

By: 1808Delaware Staff

We’re excited to bring a new dimension to coverage of timely matters that impact Delaware Countians and all Ohioans.

As we shared a few weeks ago, 1808Delaware is now a part of LION (Local Independent Online News) Publishers, which is creating the future of local news through locally owned and operated news organizations that directly serve their communities.

Since we became LION members, we have engaged with publishers across the country operating sites very much like ours. Some of have been doing so for many years and have built robust operations that are having success in connecting their readers with stories which can help them become more fully informed. More…

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1808Delaware Continuing, Launching New Series This Summer

31 May , 2020  

By: 1808Delaware Staff

As we continue our official opening here at Delaware County’s first digital, independent, and locally-focused news site, we are continually working on ways to expand our coverage.

We thought that we would share with you some of our plans for the next several weeks.

Over the last few months, we have initiated a couple of new series here on 1808Delaware. We will be continuing with our “Landmarks of Delaware County” and our “Delaware on the Map” collections this summer, each looking at additional aspects of the county’s past. And, as attractions and venues begin to reopen, we are hoping to revisit our “Summer Road Trip” look at places to visit within easy driving distance. More…



Memorial Day 2020

25 May , 2020  


Great News: 1808Delaware Connects With LION Publishers

11 May , 2020  

By: Thomas Palmer, 1808Delaware Owner/Publisher

It can be great stuff, being part of a team.

Joining others with similar interests can provide opportunities to share enthusiasm, best practices, and advice.

Here at 1808Delaware, we have now been given that opportunity. This past week, I received notice that our application for membership in LION Publishers has been approved by that body’s governing board. More…

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1808Delaware Officially Launches In March

17 Feb , 2020  

It’s time, Delaware County!

The official launch of 1808Delaware will take place during the first week of March.

What is 1808Delaware? It’s a new type of local media site, one ideally suited for this beautiful, dynamic, and fast-growing part of Ohio. In fact, we’re different than any other site not only in this county, but in all of central Ohio. More…

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1808Delaware, Delaware, Sunbury

1808Delaware Is Getting Local

27 Jan , 2020  

As we begin this new year, 1808Delaware will be undergoing several changes as we move toward a full launch.

One new feature is the introduction of community-specific pages, each of which will now filter news for easy access by city, village, or area. This has been moved to our lower menu, which you can find on the red bar underneath our feature stories. More…

1808Delaware, History/Tourism

Nominate A Favorite Local Landmark

8 Jan , 2020  

As 2020 begins, we here at 1808Delaware are reaching out to our readers with a request.

Our sister site, 1812Blockhouse,  has shared details about pieces of local history that dot Richland County throughout the last 3 2/ years. Through our Landmarks of Mansfield series and our Landmarks of Richland series, we have presented research on over 40 buildings, monuments, and downtowns. More…


1808 Delaware Seeking Site Coordinator

23 Jun , 2019  

We’re looking for someone to join us in riding what just might be the newest wave in local media.

In a post on the Total|Local Media website Friday morning the company, which publishes both 1808Delaware and 1812Blockhouse, announced that is accepting applications for a new, part-time Site Coordinator position. More…



Thinking About Notre Dame

16 Apr , 2019  

From 1808Delaware Publisher Thomas Palmer:

I beg your indulgence today for a bit of reflection. I know this isn’t about Delaware County per se, but given Monday’s news from France I hope you’ll forgive me. I do know that many people in central Ohio feel a connection to that country.

When I was in my early 20s, I had occasion to live in Europe for almost two years. More specifically, I lived in France. During my time there I lived in several different locations, but the majority of that time I spent in Paris or its suburbs. More…


In Depth To Begin

13 Sep , 2018  

As a regular feature here on 1808Delaware, we’re going to in deeper on topics that have two things in common:

First, these will be topics which have the capacity to impact the lives of a number of Delaware Countians; and second, these will be matters that take a period of time to unfold or develop, and which tend to draw media attention in the process. More…

1808Delaware, Business

Welcome to 1808Delaware

10 Sep , 2018  

On Saturday, we “flipped the switch” and activated 1808Delaware.

You may have some questions. What exactly is 1808Delaware? How is this place different from other online news and information sites? Why is it is called “1808Delaware?” Are there sites like this in other communities?

All great questions. Here’s what’s up. More…

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