City Breaks Ground On Two Significant Sawmill Projects

6 Aug , 2022  

Special to 1808Delaware

The City of Delaware and EXXCEL Project Management, in partnership with Bridge Investment Group, have broken ground on an economic development project that is expected to result in the creation of almost 2,500 jobs.

Work is beginning on both the Sawmill Parkway extension and Sawmill Pointe Business Park.

Sawmill Parkway is being extended west 1,400-foot and should be completed by December 2022. Eventually, Sawmill will extend all the way to Section Line Road at a roundabout intersection. Water and sewer lines, stormwater, streetlights, fiber optics and bike paths are all part of the project.

The extension will open access to 290 acres, including the 89-acre Sawmill Pointe Business Park — 1.3 million square feet of industrial space, beginning with two 90,000 square-foot buildings. More…

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City Cites Numbers For Local Development Pause

30 Jul , 2022  

By 1808Delaware

As we shared on Friday, the City of Delaware is reportedly putting a temporary hold on consideration of development proposals that are not located within its corporate limits.

This includes both applications which have previously been submitted in addition to potential applications which have not yet been presented, according to the Columbus Business First article.

On Saturday morning, the City of Delaware confirmed the pause through a social media post. In addition, the City shared numbers which reflect the reason for the action, sharing that over 50 separate projects and 1,000 houses are currently in the development pipeline. More…

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City Of Delaware Puts Hold On Development Proposal Reviews, Business First Reports

29 Jul , 2022  

By 1808Delaware

It is a common assumption that strong development trends in place for the last 30-plus years for Delaware County are likely to stay for some time, but this is something else entirely.

Now that the possible scope of the Intel investment in nearby Licking County is beginning to emerge, taking place just a short distance from the Delaware County line, area governments are moving as quickly as possible to prepare for the residential, commercial, and industrial development that is sure to come.

In the case of the City of Delaware, things appear to be coming in the door by leaps and bounds and faster than than can be handled.

Columbus Business First reported on Friday that the City has reacted to this pressure by temporarily closing down certain types of development proposal processing. More…

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MORPC Amending Transportation Plan To Reflect Intel Infrastructure

25 Jul , 2022  

By 1808Delaware, Special to 1808Delaware from MORPC

The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC), of which Delaware County is a member, has made available for review and comment a proposed amendment to the 2020-2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP).

The MTP amendment would reflect the planned state and local investments in infrastructure improvements that will support the Intel site development located in New Albany.

As we have noted, the edge of Delaware County’s Harlem Township is just 1,500 feet from the Intel site. The county will be very much impacted by the work in the coming decades.

The MTP is the long-range planning document that identifies transportation deficiencies, policies, strategies and projects in MORPC’s federally designated metropolitan transportation planning area. The area includes: Delaware County; Franklin County; Bloom and Violet townships in Fairfield County; New Albany, Pataskala and Etna Township in Licking County; and Jerome Township in Union County. More…

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Get Paid To Be A Buckeye Booster This Fall

23 Jul , 2022  

By 1808Delaware

Delaware Countians that are looking to pick up some extra cash, particularly those who follow the Ohio State Buckeyes, have a unique opportunity this fall as the university celebrates the 100th anniversary of Ohio Stadium.

Each game at The Shoe takes a small army of workers to put on the show. Like many employers these days, OSU is making a strong push to recruit willing and able bodies to undertake those positions.

To that end, the university is hosting a job fair next week to interview for those positions.

This fall, the Buckeyes’ schedule starts out with an amazing five consecutive home games, with eight of twelve contests taking place in Columbus. Home games include: More…

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Ramen Lovers Rejoice

19 Jul , 2022  

By 1808Delaware

Yet another new restaurant chain is expanding into Delaware County, with local foodies being the beneficiaries.

This time it is a ramen eatery that already boasts two Columbue metro locations, Fukuryu Ramen.

The new restaurant is opening soon at 2027 Polaris Parkway in the former home of Cargagna’s, which moved to its new home on Gemini Place.

According to its website, Fukuryu Ramen started as a partnership between Southern Japan’s best ramen companies. The idea sprung from a passion for flavor-packed authentic ramen, with the intention of sharing this love of Japanese soul foods with those unfamiliar with the concept. The first restaurant opened in Melbourne, Australia’s Chinatown in 2014. More…



COhatch Adds New Digital Community Platform

18 Jul , 2022  

By 1808Delaware

In addition to announcing an expansion of its physical footprint into include locations in Delaware County, Columbus, and 15 other marketsthrough a strategic partnership with Commonwealth Ventures, COhatch has now added an additional, virtual component to its offerings.

Along with its physical growth, COhatch shared news about a new digital community platform called COhatch+. The new platform will be designed for small businesses, freelancers, start-ups that are not yet in a position to obtain a physical COhatch location.

According to the company, “The platform will provide COhatch members and the public with access to its ecosystem of thousands of members nationwide, as well as business growth and networking opportunities, access to better health benefits, the ability for startups to get visibility and raise money locally and much more.

COhatch+ is intended to grow in tandem with the offerings of COhatch’s physical locations, including access to local discounts and amenities such as vacation properties, free venues for members’ major life events and more. More…

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Dave’s Hot Chicken Coming To Polaris Parkway

11 Jul , 2022  

By 1808Delawawre

One of the country’s fastest-growing restaurant chains is coming to the Columbus metro area.

They are also landing a location right here in Delaware County.

Dave’s Hot Chicken is poised to take up a location in the Westar Neighborhood Retail Center on Polaris Parkway, between Worthington Road and Olde Worthington Road. Its arrival was signaled in late June by the unanimous approval of a Final Development Plan by the City of Westerville Planning Commission after some modifications were made to their original submission.

The other two Columbus locations are near OSU and also on Dublin-Granville Road.

Dave’s Hot Chicken was born as a parking lot pop-up restaurant just five years ago. It expanded from its original California location through franchising and has sold rights to over 700 locations in the United States and Canada.

Its “fast casual” concept features sliders and tenders, as well as sides of house-made kale slaw, creamy macaroni and cheese, and cheesy fries. Seven spice levels range from No Spice to Reaper, which requires a signed waiver for daring diners (the name is, after all, Dave’s Hot Chicken).

Image by Orna Wachman from Pixabay; City of Westerville

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OhioHealth Announces Large Staff Reduction; 637 Positions Affected

7 Jul , 2022  

By 1808Delaware

On Thursday, OhioHealth issued a statement and communicated with employees about a planned large set of job reductions in its information technology and revenue cycle management areas over the coming weeks.

This decision, the company shared, was the result of a  move to use third party servicers.

There were no specifics given as to what employees or offices would be involved, other than as specified above. Despite the number of positions affected, a review of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services website shows no current public WARN notice of these layoffs. More…

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