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Planet Oasis Or Arcadia: Another Chapter

16 Dec , 2018  

Another week, and another unveiling by one of the former team behind the Planet Oasis (or Arcadia) entertainment complex near Sunbury.

This time, it’s developer Tony Sekulovski making an announcement.



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Planet Oasis Dispute Now In Court

11 Nov , 2018  

The public disagreement between parties associated with the announced entertainment development in Delaware County initially given the name “Planet Oasis” is now a legal one.

Media sources reported this weekend that the Planet Oasis dispute has now made its way to the courtroom. In specific, one set of parties has brought an action against another in a suit filed in the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas. More…

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Latest Planet Oasis News

23 Oct , 2018  

The fate of the proposed Planet Oasis has become a rather uncertain commodity in recent days after previously aligned interests separated and each announced plans to move forward. More…

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Dispatch Profiles Glimcher’s Vision For Planet Oasis

24 Sep , 2018  

This weekend, the Columbus Dispatch turned its attention to the developer David Glimcher and to the project which, if constructed to any large degree, would be transformative for Delaware County.

In a piece entitled, “Vision guides Planet Oasis developer David Glimcher,” writer Steve Wartenberg asked Glimcher questions about Planet Oasis’ concept, plans, location, and goals. More…