Affordable Housing Project Highlights Council Agenda

9 Jan , 2021  

By 1808Delaware

Three public hearings are part of the agenda for Delaware City Council as it holds its first regular meeting of the year.

Of those, two deal with a proposed residential development while the third involves a requested alley vacation.

Delaware City Schools has requested the vacation of an alley at Conger Elementary School. This change would be part of plans to construct additional classrooms at the facility, and to change the location for parking.

The alley right of way sits between East William Street and East Winter Street and extends into the school property, and will become open space and playground areas. The Delaware Fire Department has requested turnaround ability with this vacation at its western terminus.

The other two public hearings involve requests from Homeport for a Rezoning and a Conditional Use Permit on a 5.38 acre site at 50 Channing Street.

The changes would allow the creation of a Planned Mixed-Use Overlay District in the current location of the Delaware County Building & Engineering Departments and County Garage, to be transformed into a 52 unit mixed use residential development.

The existing building would be renovated into a 23 unit apartment structure; eight single family lots would be located where the garage currently sits, and 20 single family townhouses would be constructed on the current parking lot.

The property is currently zoned B-3 (Community Business District).

Two components of the project would receive OHFA housing tax credits available to develop affordable rental housing. The projected rent range for single units would be between $350 and $725 per month.

A Preliminary Development Plan approval for the same project and a 2 million note issuance for Glenn Road construction are among other items on the agenda.

The meeting will take place Monday at 7 PM and can be viewed on the City of Delaware Facebook Page.

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