City Of Delaware Issues Progress Report

4 Jun , 2019  

Citizens of the city of Delaware have access this week to the latest report prepared and shared by city government.

Sections of the report include the following:

  • Your City at Work: By The Numbers in 2018 – numbers related to City operations last year. Did you know, for instance, that some 11,000 tons of curbside waste was collected? Or that the airport had 39,000 landings and takeoffs?
  • A look at community building work by the City in areas such as street construction, maintenance, and city planning
  • A review of safety force operations as well as various improvements to make them even more effective
  • City economic development activities are profiled and successes noted
  • Pie charts showing general fund receipts and expenses
  • A section on “effective government” incorporating looks at fiscal resiliency, civic engagement, and customer service

The Progress Report can be read in its entirety at this location online.


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