The City Of Delaware Wants To Know Your Opinion

14 Mar , 2019  

The City of Delaware is continuing to use polling software to give citizens the opportunity to responds to questions on city matters.

As presented on its website, the City describes it this way:

“The City of Delaware is seeking public input on ideas and issues facing city government using Polco, an interactive web-based polling platform. Polco allows government officials to post questions directly to citizens and receive insightful, reliable data to drive local policy decisions.”

The most recent poll questions posed by the City can be found here. They are much more numerous than prevision editions and deal with East Central Avenue; the Delaware Police and Fire Departments; the City’s Emergency Medical Response units; recreational programs; public communications; rating Delaware’s quality as a place to retire, work, and play; whether things are moving in a positive or negative direction; and the City’s reputation.

By clicking on “Results,” you can find the answer to previously asked questions using the same medium. Past questions dealt with the City’s website in terms of functionality and appearance,

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