‘Unusual Circumstances’ Cause Developer To Seek Planning Delay

6 Jan , 2021  

By 1808Delaware

Processes used by local governments often include safety valves that cover unanticipated events and occurrences.

Such a set of circumstances will be before the City of Delaware Planning Commission on Wednesday as Grden LLC has asked for an extension until January 31, 2023 for a Final Development Plat and Final Development Plan for Winterbrook Place Phase I (NOTE – Submitted documents also refer to the development as Winterbrooke Place).

The development would include 66 single family lots on approximately 30 acres on Winterbourne Drive, Sienna Glenn Drive, Mahogany Drive, Gardenia Land and Silver Pine Lane.

City Council approved various measures, including a Preliminary Plan, for the project back in June 2019. This was followed by an annexation action and adoption of the Preliminary Development Plat for the entire 100 acres site, of which Phase I is a part, consisting of 266 single family building lots.

In January 2020, Council gave the green light to both Final Development Plan and Plat for Phase 1. The unanticipated presence of wetlands and a need for mitigation, however, has forced a change in plans.

Grden LLC is seeking the extension because of the “unusual circumstances of COVID-19,” development impediments, and the general economic conditions.

Planning Staff is recommending approval of the request with 15 conditions, which all match the original Plan and Plat approval.

The meeting can be viewed on the City of Delaware Facebook Page at 6:30 PM.

Source, Photo: City of Delaware

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