Nominations Open For Ohio’s Most Endangered Historic Sites

11 Apr , 2019  

Preservation Ohio, the state’s original statewide historic preservation organization, is currently accepting nominations for the 2019 List of Ohio’s Most Endangered Historic Sites.

The annual List of Ohio’s Most Endangered Historic Sites has been issued on either a biannual or annual basis since 1993. The list highlights historically significant Ohio properties that face a risky future due to demolition, disinvestment or indifference. The organization hopes that a site’s placement on the endangered list will raise public attention and provide a focus on preservation.

Over the years, the list has proven successful in saving examples of Ohio’s architectural, cultural and natural heritage. Recognition of the Westcott House in Springfield, a Frank Lloyd Wright design, led to a multi-million dollar restoration. The Anthony Wayne Hotel in Hamilton and the Masonic Temple/Athenaeum in Columbus share similar stories, and several properties on the 2018 List now have a positive future.

Local sites in Delaware County have been included in previous editions of the list. Delaware’s Big Four/CSX Depot was included on the 2018 List.

An overview of the 2018 List of Ohio’s Most Endangered Sites and a link to an online nomination form for this year’s list can be found here. The nomination deadline is this Sunday, April 15.

Photo: John T. Wilson House near Peebles, Adams County – A former Most Endangered property, now a bed and breakfast. – Preservation Ohio

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