Life in Delaware County

Christmas Is For The Birds

4 Dec , 2018  

Local preparations are underway for the annual Christmas Bird Count, and that topic will be on the minds of attendees at the Delaware County Bird Club on December 10.

The presentation that evening will explore the rich history of the Count, focusing on the count here in Delaware County. This year’s Count is scheduled for December 16 and will be the 31st such annual event here.

The meeting on the 10th is an excellent opportunity for birders new to the area to learn about the Christmas Bird Count and how to participate. Counting techniques will be discussed, and some fun will also be had estimated flock sizes from photographs. You will also be challenged to identity mystery photos and sounds.

Doors open at 6:30 PM at Haverner Park/Deer Haven Preserve, 4183 Liberty Road in Delaware, and the speaker starts at 7:00 PM.


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