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County’s State Parks Are Home To WInter Fun

29 Dec , 2019  

The snow and cold is bound to return. Fortunately, Delaware County residents live in the midst of one of the best places for winter fun in all of Ohio.

ODNR’s Division of State Parks & Watercraft promotes winter fun across the state by sharing a list of activities. Delaware County is home to at least one state park that “ticks all the boxes,” that is, provides that particular opportunity.

Those activities include:

  • Cross County Skiing — 8.5 miles at Alum Creek, and 5.75 at Delaware
  • Snowmobiling — 7 miles at Alum Creek
  • Sledding — At Delaware
  • Ice Skating — At Delaware
  • Ice Fishing — At Alum Creek and Delaware
  • Ice Boating — At Alum Creek and Delaware

For more information on these acitivites, visit the websites of Alum Creek State Park and Delaware State Park.

A calendar of events at all of Ohio’s state parks is available here.

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