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Delaware County Fatal Crash Numbers Reduced So Far In 2021

6 Dec , 2021  

By 1808Delaware

It’s a bit counterintuitive, perhaps. At the same time that many Ohio counties have seen substantial increases in Ohio State Highway Patrol traffic enforcement activity in 2021, Delaware County’s numbers are running relatively constant, year-to-date.

The increase statewide may be due to a traffic increase related to the reopening of the economy after 2020’s economic shutdown.

In Delaware County, enforcement stops are actually down, from 7,505 in 2020 to 6,924 this year.

This number is reflected in fatal crash numbers. From January 1 to the end of November, there have been nine such incidents. This compares to 15 last year and 12 in 2019, both year-to-date. Only one of this year’s crashes took place on or adjacent to Interstate 71.

What follows is a breakdown of Patrol activity during 2021, year-to-date. The first column is for 2021, followed by the 2020 statistic.

Enforcement Stops 6,924 7,505
Non-Enforcement Activity 11,282 10,897
    – Warnings 5,277 5,120
    – Motorist Assists 2,987 3,086
Crashes Investigated 1,609 1,517
OVI Enforcement 485 378
Driving Under Suspension Enforcement 364 377
Seat Belt Enforcement 1,149 1,151
Distracted Driving Violations 302 252
Commercial Vehicle Enforcement 241 264
Felony Arrests 178 109
Felony Warrants Served 33 22
Misdemeanor Summons Issued 224 228
Misdemeanor Warrants Served 77 61
Drug Violations 227 216
Identity Theft Enforcement 3 4
Resisting Arrest Violations 18 11
Weapons Violations 50 16
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