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Letterboxing At Preservation Parks This Summer

23 Apr , 2019  

Updated; The fun of letterboxing returns soon with the 2019 Summer Letterboxing Adventure at Preservation Parks locations.

This year’s edition provides a bit of a change from previous editions. For one thing, four of the hidden boxes can only be found through undertaking multiple steps, while the other four will be at the same difficulty-to-find level as in previous years.

Prizes can be won through either the easy or difficult clues.

Also, sign-up has been made much easier through use of a simple sign-up log. More information will be available soon at the Preservation Parks website.

The date when the fun starts? May 25.

As we have shared previously, letterboxing is a family-friendly adventure which has its roots in 19th century England. Letterboxes are hidden across Delaware County and around the country. For more information, here’s a recent story we posted.

Photo: Creative Commons License

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