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Letterboxing At Preservation Parks This Summer

27 Jul , 2019  

The 2019 Summer Letterboxing Adventure continues at Preservation Parks locations.

This year’s edition provides a bit of a change from previous editions. For one thing, four of the hidden boxes can only be found through undertaking multiple steps, while the other four will be at the same difficulty-to-find level as in previous years.

Prizes can be won through either the easy or difficult clues.

Just go to any Delaware County library during open hours, or visit the Deer Haven Park Visitor Center noon to 5 PM daily to sign up and pick up your booklets. We’ll have a sign-in log where you’ll enter your last name, email address, number of children participating and zip code, for demographic purposes.

Your prize for finding at least four boxes will be a reusable aluminum water bottle with some surprises inside! If you find all eight boxes, you will be entered into a drawing for a grand prize basket with all sorts of fun items. As in years past, when you find your boxes and have stamped your booklet, you’ll bring the booklet back to the library or to Deer Haven to pick up your prize

As we have shared previously, letterboxing is a family-friendly adventure which has its roots in 19th century England. Letterboxes are hidden across Delaware County and around the country. For more information, here’s a recent story we posted.

Photo: Creative Commons License

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