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New Lager Features Stratford Ecological Center Honey

28 Apr , 2019  

Updated. With the Earth Day release of Helios, a Rustic Lager brewed with sustainable ingredients, Land-Grant Taproom is proud to continue their annual Sun-Grant series of beers. Named for and inspired by the Sun-Grant Association, a group of land-grant universities that research and develop sustainable and environmentally friendly bio-based energy alternatives, Sun-Grant beers are brewed using sustainable techniques and ingredients.

This year’s beer features local honey from the Stratford Ecological Center near Delaware, Pilsner malt from Haus Malts in Cleveland, Michigan grown Triple Pearl hops and a Kveik yeast strain that ferments at an energy efficient lower temperature.

For every pint pour and 6-pack sold, $2 will go towards Land-Grant’s internal Sun-Grant Fund which will be used to finance equipment upgrades, building improvements and anything else that will continue to reduce our environmental impact. Land-Grant’s Sun-Grant page on their website highlights and details those ongoing sustainability initiatives. Their update 2018 Sustainability and Community report will be published with the release of the beer.

Helios Rustic Lager will be available on draft and six packs of cans ($9.99) at the Land-Grant Taproom. The taproom is located at 424 W. Town Street in Columbus.

Speaking of the Stratford Ecological Center, the venue features a regular series of programs on bees and beekeeping. This weekend, that includes sessions on Beekeeping: Biology and Behavior Basics and Beekeeping: Feeding and Nutrition. For more information on Center programs, visit or call: 740.363.2548.

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