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Summer Road Trips: Lincoln Highway BUY-WAY Sale Starts Tomorrow

10 Aug , 2022  

By 1808Delaware

This year we’re continuing our weekly look at unique events and attractions that are within an easy driving distance of Delaware County. For the first time in two years, we’re sharing events taking place in-person, although by all means please all ahead and verify what social distancing, masking, etc. We call these Summer Road Trips.

Of course, we regularly feature the many extraordinary places to visit right here in Delaware County and encourage our readers to get out and experience what is on offer in our own backyard.

There’s a historic highway less than an hour north of here that becomes a busy place in early August. It’s that time of the year when many yards northern Ohio sprout tables, chairs, and acres and acres of items to sell.

It’s the Lincoln Highway BUY-WAY, an event which has taken its place among Ohio’s favorite summer traditions. For over twenty years, the venerable Lincoln Highway is the place to go for bargains, food, and fun.

This year’s BUY-WAY takes place from 8 AM to 5 PM on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

According to promotional material, “The idea of the BUY-WAY Yard Sale is to bring people to rediscover the lesser traveled path of the original Lincoln Highway, once a bustling road that began connecting America by automobiles, and changed the way we travel today. This event encourages small businesses to gain revenues through increased tourism. This activity helps the local economy.”

The Lincoln Highway was the first coast-to-coast route in America, beginning at Times Square in New York and ending 3,389 miles west in Lincoln Park, San Francisco. It passed through north central Ohio along at least two different routes. 241 concrete markers were set by the Boy Scouts in 1928 throughout Ohio, some of which are still there today. The yard sale is an opportunity to learn the history of the road and notice the buildings that were once thriving businesses.

The BUY-WAY follows the traditional paths of the Lincoln, and so does not take place along portions of US30 that are four lane highways. To see where to head to enjoy the fun, you can access an online Travel Guide at this location online.

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