Proposed School Funding Bill Would Boost All County Districts

3 Jul , 2019  

A school funding measure introduced in the Ohio House of Representatives might well put a smile on the face of Delaware County school officials.

The County’s four home-based districts would each receive an increase under the measure, each receiving a share of the proposed $600 million increase over two years.

A full 10% of that amount, $64 million, would arrive in Franklin County school districts during the first two years (2019-2021).

Although the bill purports to direct increases to rural areas and high-poverty rate urban districts, there are some surprising figures in estimates related last week for House Bill 305, whose main sponsors are a Lima Republican, Rep Robert Cupp, and an Ashtabula County Democrat, John Patterson.

Olentangy Local Schools would see the biggest boost – and one of the largest in the state by percentage.

Delaware County districts would see the following increases for the first year:

  • Big Walnut — $5,831,246 to $6,073,407 for an increase of $242,161 or 4.2%
  • Buckeye Valley — $3,695,136 to $3,735,992 for an increase of $40,826 or 1.1%
  • Delaware — $15,628,871 to $18,374,591 for an increase of $2,745,721 or 17.6%
  • Olentangy — $9,255,536 to $23,050,130 for an increase of $13,794,595 or 149%

A copy of the legislation, which is the product of almost two years of working with educators, can be found here.

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