Life in Delaware County

Criminal Justice Institutions In Delaware County Receive Funding

28 Nov , 2020  

By 1808Delaware

When $7.7 million in criminal justice agencies across Ohio was announced this week by the Ohio Department of Public Safety’s Office of Criminal Justice Services (OCJS), Delaware County was well represented among the recipients.

Local grants were obtained both from the Edward J. Bryne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant and the Violence Against Women Act grant programs.

The former grant, described by OCJS as allowing “… local and state governments to support a broad range of activities to prevent and control crime based on the needs and conditions of the jurisdictions and supports multijurisdictional drug task forces, school resource officers, drug, veteran and mental health courts, corrections projects, and justice technology initiatives in Ohio,” gave funding to: More…

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Life in Delaware County

Hidden In Plain Sight: A Teen Drugs Seminar For Parents

26 Jan , 2020  

A special adults-only forum presented by the Olentangy Parent Programs Team (PPT) will focus on the challenges for parents in identifying and interacting with teens about drug issues.

Hidden in Plain Sight: A Drug Awareness Seminar for Adults will share with parents and those in young people’s lives the information they need to realize that a problem is present. The evening will include: More…

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Life in Delaware County

Felony Charges Filed, Drugs Seized After I-71 Traffic Stop

21 Nov , 2018  

The Ohio State Highway Patrol announced on Tuesday that troopers have filed felony drug charges against two Ohio men after a traffic stop in Delaware County. During the traffic stop, troopers seized 1 pound of methamphetamine, 4 Suboxone pills and drug paraphernalia valued at approximately $10,000. More…

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Life in Delaware County

Delaware Man Facing Drug Charges In Federal Court Related To Three Fatal Overdoses

27 Sep , 2018  

The Columbus Dispatch reported on Wednesday afternoon that a Delaware man, Darnell A. Reeves, has been charged in federal court on nine drug-related charges. According to the article, the charges each carry potential 20 years to life prison terms. More…