Ohio Wesleyan University

‘Generation C’ Graduates From OWU

9 May , 2022  

Ohio Wesleyan University celebrated its 178th commencement ceremony May 7, with keynote speaker Amy Acton, M.D., M.P.H., encouraging the Class of 2022 to “get in some John Lewis good trouble … create the conditions in which all of us can lead flourishing lives … (and) lead with courage and compassion.”

“You are not an ordinary generation,” said Acton, who served as the senior health adviser to Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. “Because we’ve never before had the entire world go through the same thing at the same time in quite this way.

“I’ve started to think of you as Generation C, and that is not for just COVID, or chaos, or all of the challenges you have faced,” said Acton, who was awarded a 2021 Profile in Courage Award from the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation for her pandemic leadership. “But I think of it … for your courage, for your compassion, that you’re collaborative, that you’re change agents.” More…

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Ohio Wesleyan University

OWU Holds Unique Double Year Commencement

5 Jun , 2021  

By Cole Hatcher

Ohio Wesleyan University held a combined 176th and 177th commencement ceremony May 29, celebrating its Classes of 2020 and 2021 and the students who persevered during a pandemic with “creativity, ingenuity, and profound commitment.”

The ticketed event was held outdoors in Ohio Wesleyan’s historic Selby Stadium, with President Rock Jones, Ph.D., addressing the graduates and their families and friends.

“You are the classes that were abruptly sent home,” Jones told the graduates. “You found yourself studying in spaces not designed for academic work. You attended classrooms defined by small squares on your laptop screen, or even smaller squares on your phone. You engaged in research and completed internships in virtual environments. You wore masks, practiced social distance, monitored your health, (and) took COVID tests. More…

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Graduation Day For Several Area High Schools: A Roundup

24 May , 2020  

The Class of 2020 will have stories to tell their grandchildren, to be sure. High schools in Westerville and Delaware had graduation ceremonies take place on Saturday. Here are a handful of tweets that demonstrate the various and creative ways that local school districts, high schools, parents, and communities came together to honor their graduates.

Congratulations to each 2020 grad from the new 1808Delaware! More…

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Take Note of Changes to the Requirements for High School Graduation

6 Sep , 2019  

Delaware County parents and students take note: the Ohio Department of Education is spreading the word about new high school graduation requirements.

The requirements for graduation have been changed more than once by the state legislature in recent years such that there are currently three different sets of requirement rules for the four different high school grade levels. The most recent changes, made for the class of 2023, are expected to now be the permanent Ohio graduation requirement system (unless the legislature makes future changes). More…