Life in Delaware County

Learn About A Hobby With A Buzz

21 Feb , 2019  

Ever thought about keeping bees but not know where to start?

An upcoming class at the Stratford Ecological Center is the perfect starting point to find out if beekeeping is for you. An overview of what is really involved in becoming a beekeeper: equipment, costs, time commitments, challenges, education, as well as exploring the motivations and expectations that you may have about bees. More…

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Rocketing Skyward In Sunbury

13 Sep , 2018  

The “sky’s the limit” this Saturday as the Central Ohio Rocketry & Spacemodeling Alliance hosts its monthly launch at Freedom Park in Sunbury.

Join the group to launch your rockets or just to watch the fun. Members will be on hand to answer questions and to demonstrate many facets of model rocketry. They will supply launch equipment and might be able to offer motors for you to use. They can also inspect your rocket, and help you prepare it for flight. If it needs repair, they can offer tips, and possibly even help repair it on the spot. More…

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