A GateHouse, Gannett Merger: What Would It Mean For Ohio And Delaware County?

5 Aug , 2019  

According to many reports over the last few weeks, two of the country’s powerhouse media companies — GateHouse and Gannett —  are in deep conversation with a likely merger on their minds.

Actually, the former of those two would be doing the gobbling up, not the latter. A good analysis of the discussion can be found here.

What, one might ask, could such a merger mean for Delaware County? It’s a question well worth asking. More…

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1808 Delaware Seeking Site Coordinator

23 Jun , 2019  

We’re looking for someone to join us in riding what just might be the newest wave in local media.

In a post on the Total|Local Media website Friday morning the company, which publishes both 1808Delaware and 1812Blockhouse, announced that is accepting applications for a new, part-time Site Coordinator position. More…


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The Sunbury News Announces End Of Print Publication

3 Apr , 2019  

Closures, mergers, and downsizing continue in the beleaguered media industry. This week has already seen the layoff of an entire third of the unionized staff at the Plain Dealer in Cleveland.

Now, that reality has hit closer to home.

On Monday, an announcement appeared on the website of The Sunbury News alerting readers that the March 30 newspaper was the final print edition that would be produced. More…

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