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Remember The Census? Here’s A Bit Of A Release Timetable

13 Jan , 2021  

By 1808Delaware

We are sure you remember the 2020 US Census, that decennial count of Americans that, for the first time in recent memory if ever, took place in the midst of a pandemic.

Now that it’s 2021, you might expect the numbers to be released soon for Ohio, Delaware County, and the county’s cities and villages. You would be mostly right. Here’s what’s up.

Just before New Year’s, the Census Bureau shared the following:

“Data collection is just one part of producing a complete and accurate 2020 Census. Since mid-October, Census Bureau experts have been hard at work on processing the data. More…


Life in Delaware County

Census Concludes On October 5; Delaware County Response Remains Strong

1 Oct , 2020  

By 1808Delaware

Delaware County residents really stood up and were counted this year as the 2020 US Census was taken.

With that process now being concluded, final responses — both self-responses and those collected by census workers in the field — are coming in.

The Secretary of Commerce has now announced a target date of October 5 to conclude 2020 Census self-response and field data collection operations. More…


Life in Delaware County

County Census Response Rate Strong With One Month To Go

3 Sep , 2020  

By 1808Delaware

Today, we share our regular look at the rate at which Delaware Countians have been playing their part in the 2020 US Census. We do so as the ability to respond will be closing soon.

As it turns out, the local response continues to be strong, with Delaware County having the third highest participation rate of any Ohio county.

On April 1, known as “Census Day” as the official count takes place on that date, the national rate of census returns was 36.2%, with Ohio’s pegged at 39.3%. More…

Life in Delaware County

Census Starts Arduous Task Of Contacting Nonresponding Households

13 Jul , 2020  

By: 1808Delaware

Now comes the hard part.

The US Census Bureau has begun the long and cumbersome process of contacting those Americans who have failed to respond to requests to register with the 2020 Census.

As of July 1, and based on the current self-response rate of 61.8%, the Census Bureau estimates it will need to visit approximately 56 million addresses to collect responses in person. Because of the scale of this operation, the Census Bureau will begin the work in a few areas before operations begin in earnest across the country. More…

Life in Delaware County

Delaware County Second In State For US Census Response

4 May , 2020  

By: 1808Delaware Staff

It’s one month later, and the citizens of Delaware County appear to have taken their duty to have themselves counted very much to heart..

April 1 was known as “Census Day” as the official count takes place on that date. On that day, the United States Census Bureau reported that the national rate of census returns stood at 36.2%, with Ohio’s pegged at 39.3%.

As of today, those numbers stand at 56.3% and 61.5%, respectively. More…


Life in Delaware County

Ohio May Be Lagging Behind Michigan, But Delaware County Is Doing Its Part

16 Apr , 2020  

During the Governor’s daily COVID-19 press conference on Wednesday, the topic of the US Census was mentioned. In specific, urgency was stressed relating to Ohioans providing a response.

In typical Ohio fashion, it was noted that we are lagging behind Michigan. Such remarks have been known to provide strong motivation in more than one setting.

Delaware County is doing its part, however, with a response rate higher than the national average and that of the state of Ohio — even higher than Michigan’s. More…

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Life in Delaware County

Ohio, Delaware County, Cities Census Response Rates Exceed National Average

1 Apr , 2020  

April 1 is known as “Census Day,” as it is the official reference date used for the US Census, conducted every ten years since 1790.

This year’s version will be different for a couple of important reasons.

First, this is the first federal census which has included the ability for residents to self respond not only via the mail, but also by phone and online. The form is also available in a total of 12 languages for the first time. More…