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Reader’s Digest recently published an article that takes readers on a culinary journey across America, identifying the best burgers in each state. Ohio’s top burger, according to the story by Jacqueline Weiss, can be found Ohio’s Swenson’s Drive-Ins, one of which is located in Delaware County. The article describes the ideal burger as “thick and juicy, piled high with toppings, or oozing with cheese,” and it seems Swenson’s checks all the boxes.

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The Secret Sauce(s) of Success

Swenson’s Drive-In offers a double-patty burger that is nothing short of a masterpiece. Served on a buttery toasted bun with cheese, the burger is elevated by not one, but two secret sauces. While the restaurant has never disclosed the exact ingredients of these sauces, they are said to closely resemble tartar sauce and barbecue sauce. To top it off, each burger is adorned with a signature olive on a toothpick, adding a unique and recognizable flair.

A Journey from Station Wagon to Restaurant Chain

The story of Swenson’s Drive-In is as rich as its burgers. Wesley “Pop” Swenson began his culinary adventure in 1934, selling burgers from the back of his station wagon. The business has come a long way since its humble Akron roots. The Polaris restaurant in Delaware County was the twelfth addition to the Swenson’s chain, proving that good food and a solid business model can stand the test of time.

More Than Just Burgers

While the “Galley Boy,” a double cheeseburger, is Swenson’s signature product, the restaurant offers a diverse menu to cater to various tastes. From up to 18 different milkshake flavors to an array of soups, sandwiches (yes, even fried bologna!), and salads, Swenson’s ensures that there’s something for everyone.

Check out the local menu here

A Convenient Culinary Stop

Located on Polaris Parkway, the Delaware County Swenson’s is strategically positioned next to popular destinations like Ikea and Topgolf. Whether you’re out shopping for furniture or hitting a few golf balls, a stop at Swenson’s can add a delicious twist to your day.

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