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A New Chapter Begins at 1776 State Route 521

The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office has embarked on a significant transition. As of Friday, February 2, the headquarters of the Sheriff’s Office has officially moved to a new location at 1776 State Route 521.

This relocation is a major step for the department, encompassing various critical functions like Concealed Carry, Public Records, Victim Advocates, Patrol North Office, and all Administrative operations. However, essential services like the Jail, Dispatch Center, and South Sub Station will continue at their current locations, ensuring uninterrupted service.

Rooted in History, Growing with the Community

Founded alongside Delaware County in 1808, the Sheriff’s Office has a rich history, beginning with Solomon D. Smith, the first elected Sheriff, who won by a mere 32 votes. Fast forward to the present, and Delaware County now houses over 220,000 residents. The area’s rapid growth presents both challenges and opportunities for the Sheriff’s Office, which has evolved to meet the changing needs of the community.

Technology has been a game-changer in modern law enforcement, and the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office is at the forefront of utilizing these advancements. From quicker response times to enhanced communication, technology has significantly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of law enforcement operations. Community engagement is also a key focus, ensuring that the Sheriff’s Office remains in tune with the needs and expectations of Delaware County residents.

Strategic Location and Responsibilities

Situated 25 miles north of Columbus, Delaware County spans 459 square miles, including 1,300 miles of roadways and 14 miles of water. The Sheriff’s Office is tasked with patrolling unincorporated areas, enforcing laws, investigating crimes, serving the courts, and maintaining a jail. Mutual aid relationships with other law enforcement agencies bolster the department’s ability to provide comprehensive coverage and safety.

Trivia and Outreach: Connecting with the Community

In a nod to the historical roots of the term, the word “sheriff” originates from the Old English “shire” (county) and “reeve” (guardian), reflecting the role of keeping peace in the countryside. This blend of tradition and modernity characterizes the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office as it continues to serve and protect the community.

For more insights into Delaware County’s composition and growth, visit the Delaware County Sheriff’s Official Site.

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