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From culvert replacements and bridge renovations to comprehensive road widening and paving efforts, the Delaware County Engineer’s Office is steering a robust schedule of works across the region. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the latest updates and a peek into what these developments mean for local communities.

Culvert and Bridge Innovations: A Path to Safer Commutes

Beginning Tuesday, April 2, through Friday, April 5, Tussic Street Road in Genoa Township will see a temporary closure between Oxbow Road and Big Walnut Road. This necessary pause in traffic flow will accommodate a culvert replacement project, underscoring the county’s commitment to maintaining its water management infrastructure.

Simultaneously, Dulin Road in Oxford Township embarks on a longer journey to enhancement. From Monday, April 1, through Friday, May 17, a crucial segment between Steamtown Road and Shoemaker Road will be off-limits to facilitate a bridge replacement project. This initiative not only aims to strengthen the structural integrity of local bridges but also ensures that they meet the evolving demands of traffic volume and safety standards.

Road Widening and Paving

On the paving front, Berlin Station Road, straddling Berlin and Delaware Townships, will experience temporary closures between Braumiller Road and Glenn Parkway. These disruptions, scheduled from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM on Monday, April 1, and Tuesday, April 2, are part of a larger road widening and paving operation. Such projects are critical in accommodating increasing traffic, reducing congestion, and enhancing road safety for all users.

Looking Ahead: A Vision for Tomorrow’s Infrastructure

Delaware County isn’t just focusing on immediate needs but also laying the groundwork for future prosperity. A series of ambitious projects are on the horizon, promising to reshape the county’s transportation landscape:

  • Orange Road Railroad Grade Separation (2026-29): An endeavor aimed at eliminating at-grade crossings, enhancing safety, and reducing traffic delays.
  • Intersection Improvements (2025-26): Upgrades at Hyatts Road and S. Section Line Road, Rome Corners and Dustin Road, and the intersections of Big Walnut, Tussic, and Old 3C are in the pipeline, focusing on traffic efficiency and safety.
  • Home Road Extension East of US 23 (2019-25): This extension project promises to bolster connectivity and streamline commutes in the region.
  • Big Walnut Interchange at I-71 (2027+): Looking to the future, this project anticipates significant enhancements in interstate access and traffic flow.
  • Additional Intersection and Roadway Upgrades: Ongoing and completed projects at key locations like Old Sawmill Road and Presidential Parkway, US 36/SR 37 and Carter’s Corner Road, and the Worthington & Lewis Center Road Intersection, further demonstrate the county’s proactive approach to infrastructure improvement.

For more detailed information and updates on each project, residents are encouraged to visit the Delaware County Engineer’s Office website. This resource offers real-time updates, project specifics, and contact information for further inquiries.

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