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The City of Delaware is inviting its residents to a comprehensive webinar focusing on important tax proposals and city services. This initiative is part of the city’s efforts to keep its citizens informed and engaged in crucial municipal decisions. Additionally, the upcoming Election Day will give residents the opportunity to vote on significant tax measures that could impact the city’s development and services.

Insightful Webinar on Municipal Operations

Scheduled for Wednesday, March 13 from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM, the webinar titled “City Services and Income Taxes” aims to provide detailed insights into the city’s operational strategies and financial planning. This online event will feature City Manager Tom Homan, City Engineer Bill Ferrigno, and Parks and Recreation Director Ted Miller as panelists. They will discuss various aspects of city management, including infrastructure, recreation, and fiscal policies. The webinar offers a platform for residents to ask questions and seek clarifications directly from city officials. Access to the event is facilitated through the city’s WebEx platform.

Upcoming Tax Measures on the Ballot

The city has placed two tax proposals on the ballot for the upcoming Election Day on March 19, 2024. The first proposal is a 5-year, 0.35 percent income tax increase expected to generate an additional $7 million annually. This tax would not apply to retirement income, Social Security, unemployment or disability benefits, or military compensation. The second proposal seeks to make the 0.15 percent parks and recreation tax, initially approved in 2008, a permanent levy. The revenue from these taxes is intended for street repairs, municipal services enhancement, and the expansion of recreation programs and park improvements.

Financial Implications and Public Engagement

If approved, these tax changes would take effect on January 1, 2025, raising the municipal income tax rate from 1.85 to 2.20 percent until 2030. This adjustment is projected to create $7 million in new revenue, which will support the city’s infrastructure and service improvements. These proposals represent a critical opportunity for Delaware residents to influence the city’s financial strategy and community services development.

The City of Delaware encourages its residents to participate in the upcoming webinar and to vote on Election Day. Engaging in these civic activities will help shape the city’s future and ensure that community needs and preferences are considered in municipal planning. For more detailed information on the tax proposals, visit To access the event and enter your chat questions, use this link:

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