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As the City of Delaware continues to study public parking management, the City Council on December 18 voted to delay until April the parking meter rate change that was to begin January 1. The amendment changes the effective date of the 50-cent increase to April 1, 2024.

The new date will allow Delaware more time to continue its parking program update, including phasing out older meters and more online options. The council earlier in 2023 approved a phased rate increase that included a 50-cent hike that went into effect July 1.

The rate hikes are anticipated to generate significant revenue for the city, expected to contribute positively to the current and future fiscal years. The additional funds are earmarked for:

  • Technology upgrades, including the introduction of parking kiosks
  • Phasing out older, non-functioning meters
  • Enhancing online payment options and electronic permitting
  • Maintenance of parking lots
  • Covering enforcement personnel costs

The decision has sparked debate among local business owners and community members. Concerns primarily revolve around the impact on downtown employees, with some fearing the increased rates could deter potential employees and customers. In response to these concerns, city officials are exploring options to provide discounted parking for downtown employees, ensuring minimal impact on local businesses.

Source: City of Delaware

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