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Pursuant to the Charter of the City of Delaware, Monday saw the City Council hold an organizational meeting.

According to Article III Section 9, “At 12:01 a.m., on the second Monday following their election, duly elected Council members shall be deemed qualified to assume the duties of office. Each member elected to Council shall publicly take and subscribe to the oath or affirmation of office at the first regular meeting of the term for which he/she was elected, as provided in Section 16 of this Charter or, if he/she be unable to attend that meeting and be excused therefrom by a majority of all the members elected to Council, at the first meeting which he/she shall be able to attend. The oath or affirmation of office shall be in the form provided by Section 123 of this Charter.”

The agenda for such a meeting is a limited one. One by one, the oath of office is administered to newly-elected members; after that take place, the Mayor and Vice-Mayor are  elected and then sworn in to their respective seats.

Carolyn Kay Riggle will serve again as Delaware Mayor and Kent Shafer continues as Vice-Mayor. The oath was also administered to newly elected At-Large member Catlin Frazier and 1st Ward Member Stephen Tacket.

Carolyn Kay Riggle has represented the residents of Delaware since November 2003 and has served as Mayor since November 2013. Prior to being elected as Mayor, Council member Riggle served as Vice Mayor from 2005-2009. Council member Riggle serves on the Airport Commission, Planning Commission, Sister City Advisory Board, Community Promotions Committee, Parks and Rec Advisory Board, Public Works/Public Utilities Committee, Intergovernmental Committee, Tax Incentive Review Council, Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission – Alternate, and on the Delaware Knox Marion and Morrow Solid Waste District Board. Her term ends November 2025.

Kent Shafer has represented the residents of Delaware since November 2013 and as served as Vice Mayor since 2015. Council member Shafer serves on the Finance Committee, Parking and Safety Committee, Civil Service Commission Liaison, and the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission. His term ends November 2025.

Source: City of Delaware

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