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On Monday, August 14 at 7:00 PM in Council Chambers, the Delaware City Council will hold its regular meeting. Below, we outline the main topics that will be considered during the meeting, reflecting several pending issues for the City.

Infrastructure and Transportation Initiatives

Resolution No. 23-51

This resolution urges the Ohio Department of Transportation to provide increased funding to the Urban Paving Program, maintaining an 80% contribution towards the city-state highway system. The goal is to enhance and preserve the existing infrastructure, ensuring safe and smooth transportation throughout the city.

Resolution No. 23-49

Resolution No. 23-49 highlights the plan to install an all-way stop at the intersection of Balmoral Drive and Blackmore Drive. It also outlines the establishment of no-parking zones within 30 feet of each stop sign on Blackmore Drive. This move aims to increase road safety and manage traffic more efficiently.

Consideration of Resolution No. 23-50

A resolution to authorize the installation and maintenance of speed feedback signs at designated city locations. This initiative will serve as a warning system for drivers, potentially reducing speeding and enhancing road safety.

Development Projects and Zoning Changes

Ordinance Nos. 23-48, 23-49, and 23-50

These ordinances outline various development projects within the city, including a new RaceTrac Gas Station, street vacation for Addison Farms, and a final development plan for Redwood at Addison Farms. These developments contribute to the growing business landscape and create opportunities for employment and community growth.

Terra Alta Development Project

Several ordinances and resolutions related to Terra Alta, LLC.’s plans for constructing new single-family lots in areas zoned as Agricultural District with a Planned Mixed Use Overlay District (A-1 PMU). This development aims to cater to the city’s growing housing needs.

Innovative Community Policies

Ordinance No. 23-54

A proposal for mobile food vending and concessions in City Parks, aiming to bring diverse food options to local parks and create a lively and attractive environment for residents and visitors.

Ordinance 23-55

This ordinance is set to create five Tax Increment Financing Incentive Districts within the northwest corridor, declaring certain improvements as a public purpose. This financial tool may stimulate growth and investment in underdeveloped or economically challenged areas.

Planning for the Future

Ordinance No. 23-56

This ordinance sets the stage for the establishment of the Delaware Northwest New Community Authority, as well as a public hearing date. It’s a strategic move towards community planning and development.

Resolution No. 23-53

A resolution to adopt the 2024-2028 Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), outlining the city’s major capital projects for the next five years, reflecting Delaware’s vision and commitment to continuous growth and enhancement.

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