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Delaware continues to be poised for significant development as the city’s Planning Commission prepares to review several key projects during its upcoming meeting. Set to take place at the City Hall Council Chambers, 1 South Sandusky Street, tonight (Wednesday) at 6:30 PM, this session is a continuing step in designing the future landscape of the city. The agenda includes diverse proposals, ranging from residential expansions to commercial developments.

Transforming Residential Spaces: Addison Farms and Townhomes at Addison Farms

Addison Farms North Expansions

The meeting will discuss pivotal developments for Addison Farms North, a substantial residential project under the guidance of Addison Properties. Three requests, tagged as 2023-4568, 2023-4569, and 2023-4570, focus on the final development and subdivision plats for Sections 2 and 3 of Addison Farms North. Spanning approximately 35.11 acres, these sections are part of a larger vision of residential living, offering a mix of agricultural and one-family residential zones, enriched by a planned mixed-use overlay. This development promises to enhance the northern and western regions near Merrick Parkway and Heritage Boulevard.

The Inception of Townhomes at Addison Farms

Another set of considerations relates to the development of the Townhomes at Addison Farms Section 1. Proposals 2023-4562 and 2023-4563, submitted by Addison Delaware, LLC, seek approval for the final development and subdivision plans for this new residential area. Occupying around 10.28 acres, these townhomes represent a modern living solution, strategically located southwest of the Addison Farms North subdivision. This initiative reflects Delaware’s commitment to diversifying housing options for its residents.

Commercial Ventures: Coughlin’s Crossing and Bojangles

Revamping Coughlin’s Crossing

Delaware Development Plan LTD brings forward proposal 2023-4576, aiming to amend the final subdivision plat for Coughlin’s Crossing. This development, covering about 15.427 acres, is an ambitious project that blends agricultural and mixed-use spaces, situated north of Penny Way. The amendment could signal a shift in the

commercial and residential dynamics of the area, potentially introducing new opportunities for local businesses and communities.

Introducing Bojangles

In a move to enrich the city’s culinary landscape, OH Delaware US 23 LLC has put forth proposal 2023-4577 for the establishment of a Bojangles restaurant. This venture, covering nearly 0.95 acres, plans to introduce the renowned Southern fast-food chain to Delaware, adding a new flavor to the city’s dining scene. Located north of Penny Way, Bojangles would further diversify the commercial offerings in the rapidly developing area.

Anticipating Zoning Text Amendments

The Commission is also set to deliberate on various zoning text amendments. These amendments are crucial as they could redefine land-use regulations, impacting future developments and shaping the city’s growth trajectory. These discussions are often a barometer of a city’s adaptability and willingness to evolve in response to changing urban needs and resident aspirations.

The full 181 page agenda packet can be viewed here.

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