Delaware City Manager Tom Homan has presented a 2023 operating budget that continues to fund and invest in the City of Delaware, focusing on those areas identified by City Council that achieve its four-part mission of Safe City, Great Community, Effective Government and Healthy Economy.

But Homan cautioned that the cost of operating basic public services continues to increase at a rate that exceeds available resources.

“Our growth and development continue, but revenues are not keeping pace with needs,” Homan said.

General Fund revenues are forecast to increase 11.8 percent, while expenditures are projected to rise 18.8 percent amid economic uncertainties in the aftermath of the COVID-pandemic and record inflation sending the cost of everyday goods soaring. Inflation has dramatically increased the cost to provide basic services.

For example:

  • Homan reported that the cost for chemicals necessary to treat water have increased 54% in one year, and wastewater treatment costs have risen 46%.
  • In July, for the first time in more than a decade, the fuel budget required a mid-year supplemental increase of more than $200,000. Just like our residents, we are seeing it daily in the price we pay per gallon. A year ago, our price for a gallon of gasoline was $3.00; today it is $3.66. A gallon of diesel was $3.32 a year ago; today it is $5.26.

The budget was introduced at the November 14 Council meeting.  A second reading and public hearing is November 28.  Additional public review sessions by the Finance Committee appear on the City’s website calendar.

The proposed 2023 operating budget is viewable at

Photo: 1808Delaware

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