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Genoa Township’s Zoning Commission is gearing up for a its meeting on May 13 at 7:00 PM. As the township grows and evolves, the decisions made in this body are crucial for shaping its development landscape. The agenda promises an evening of impactful deliberations that could continue to shape the area’s commercial and residential future.

Scheduled Proposals

Romanelli GW LLC’s Expansion Vision

One of the highlights of the meeting is the continuation of a public hearing involving Romanelli GW LLC. This firm is seeking approval for a final development plan to erect an 11,700 square foot office building alongside a 5,327 square foot daycare facility. This ambitious project is poised to rise on a 2.276-acre parcel along Northgate Way, right northeast of 7107 Northgate Way in Westerville, Ohio. This development, nestled within a Planned Industrial District (PID), reflects a growing trend of integrating workspaces with community services like daycare centers, potentially drawing more professionals to the area.

Campfire Brewing’s Community-Focused Upgrade

Another key discussion revolves around Germann Holdings, LLC’s proposal for Campfire Brewing located at 6300 Frost Road. The company aims to amend its development plan to expand parking facilities and introduce an outdoor seating and recreation area. This enhancement is not just about growth but is geared towards creating a more engaging and community-friendly environment, which could turn the brewery into a local hotspot, boosting both tourism and local visits.

The Olive Branch Project

Mindy Kohsman is on the agenda with a proposal for a new office building. The planned structure, approximately 2,400 square feet in size, is to be located at 5064 South Old 3C Highway. This development, positioned in a Planned Commercial District (PCD), is notably smaller than the others but underscores the diverse nature of business growth within the township, catering to smaller enterprises and startups.

The commission is also set to engage in a discussion that could lead to amendments in the zoning resolution, hinting at possible broader changes in how the township approaches development and land use in the future.

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