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Navigating the Ohio to Erie Trail offers an adventure filled with scenic views, local attractions, and a blend of urban and natural landscapes. Stretching 326 miles from Cincinnati to Cleveland, this extensive trail connects numerous communities, each with its unique charm. One such community is Westerville, situated near the midpoint of this grand journey.

As Visit Westerville has shared through a new video, the trail through Westerville offers a picturesque route filled with useful amenities and notable sights, perfect for any cycling enthusiast. Tail highlights include the following:

Entering Westerville from the South

Cyclists heading north on the Ohio to Erie Trail begin their journey through Westerville as they cross under Interstate 270. Emerging from the Alum Creek Trail, riders are greeted by the serene surroundings of Westerville. As the trail approaches the Shrock Road underpass, a right turn directs cyclists onto the Shrock Road bike lane. This segment requires some navigation skills, as cyclists must maneuver through sidewalks and streets, ensuring they stay on the designated path.

After a half-mile ride east along Shrock Road, cyclists reach the second stoplight near Charing Cross Drive. Here, they must use crosswalks and traffic signals to make a left turn onto Charing Cross, where they can either ride on the street or a wide sidewalk on the west side. This section of the trail is well-marked, with a prominent yellow B crossing sign guiding cyclists to turn right onto the trail again.

Approaching State Route 3, also known as State Street, cyclists veer left onto a wide sidewalk at the intersection with Charington Road. Using the stoplight and crosswalks, they navigate through a shopping plaza entrance and cross State Street. On the other side, they continue north on the wide sidewalk, crossing Electric Avenue and joining the Westerville bike and walkway segment of the trail.

Enjoying Westerville’s Trailside Attractions

Westerville offers an array of amenities that cater to cyclists’ needs. The Westerville Bike Depot in Hanby Park provides restrooms, bike tools, and air, making it a convenient stop for maintenance and rest. Just a block north, cyclists can admire a beautiful mural that adorns a building wall south of College Avenue, adding a splash of art to their journey.

As cyclists continue north, they pass over County Line Road via a picturesque overpass, providing a bird’s-eye view of the busy street below. This segment of the trail is designed for convenience and enjoyment, ensuring cyclists can focus on the ride without worrying about traffic.

Transitioning to Maxtown Road and Beyond

The Westerville bike and walkway segment concludes as cyclists approach Maxtown Road. Here, the trail veers right, leading to a wide sidewalk along Maxtown. Cyclists must use crosswalks and signal buttons to navigate the busy intersection at McCorkle Boulevard. After crossing, they turn right to follow the trail east along Maxtown Road.

The trail then turns left at Northgate Drive, passing behind the Northgate Plaza shopping center, which houses a Trek bike shop, perfect for any last-minute gear needs. After a sharp right turn to cross Northgate Drive, cyclists continue north past the rear of a restaurant and a gas station, finally reaching Gateway Park at Mount Royal Avenue.

Onward to Galena

Crossing Mount Royal Avenue, cyclists transition to the Genoa Trail segment of the Ohio to Erie Trail, heading towards the next town, Galena. This marks the end of the Westerville portion of the trail, but the adventure continues, with more communities and landscapes awaiting discovery.

The Visit Westerville Ohio to Erie Trail video can be viewed here.

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