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Central Ohio is at a pivotal moment as it faces the dual challenges of a housing shortage and anticipated population growth. The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC), in collaboration with Measurement Resources Company and The Columbus Dispatch, has launched a new initiative to engage residents in shaping the future of housing in the region. This effort, part of the “Leaders Listen” survey series, aims to gather insights on housing preferences, development, and community connectivity from those who call Central Ohio home.

Engaging Communities for Informed Planning

The “Leaders Listen” series represents a proactive approach to regional planning, inviting Central Ohio residents to voice their opinions on key issues affecting their daily lives. Following successful surveys on transportation and sustainability, the focus has now shifted to housing—a critical component of the region’s infrastructure that supports its thriving communities and economic vitality. By tapping into the collective wisdom of the community, MORPC seeks to develop strategies that align with the real needs and aspirations of its residents.

Addressing the Housing Challenge

The current housing survey arrives at a time when Central Ohio grapples with a significant housing shortfall. “We are already facing a housing shortage in Central Ohio, and our expected growth will add to that challenge,” noted William Murdock, MORPC’s Executive Director. The survey aims to explore the types and quantities of housing desired by residents, with the goal of fostering vibrant, connected communities that can accommodate future growth. This initiative underscores the importance of understanding diverse housing needs to inform policy and investment decisions that will strengthen neighborhoods and ensure the region’s continued prosperity.

A Community-Driven Approach to Growth

The survey’s findings will be instrumental in guiding the future of housing and transportation in Central Ohio. Preliminary results are set to be unveiled at the 2024 State of the Region event, offering valuable insights into the housing preferences and priorities of Central Ohio residents. This data-driven approach, championed by MORPC and its partners, highlights the significance of community input in shaping policies that are responsive to the needs of the region’s diverse population.

Participate and Make Your Voice Heard

Residents of Central Ohio are encouraged to participate in the survey, contributing their perspectives to a comprehensive understanding of the region’s housing needs. The survey, available in English and soon in Spanish and Somali, reflects MORPC’s commitment to inclusivity and the value placed on diverse viewpoints. By participating, residents can play a pivotal role in the development of housing solutions that reflect the community’s vision for a sustainable and inclusive future.

For more information and to take the survey, visit MORPC’s Leaders Listen Series and join the conversation on the future of housing in Central Ohio.

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