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Choosing a place to call home is a monumental decision, one that often involves meticulous research and comparison. Factors like affordability, quality of life, and educational opportunities weigh heavily on the minds of prospective residents and investors.

A recent study by 24/7 Wall St. has made this task a bit easier by identifying the best counties to live in across the United States. Their methodology is rooted in an index inspired by the United Nations’ Human Development Index, focusing on life expectancy, educational attainment, and poverty rates.

According to the study, Delaware County has emerged as the best county to live in Ohio. Situated just north of downtown Columbus, the county boasts impressive statistics that set it apart from the rest. With a poverty rate of just 4.6%, Delaware County significantly outperforms the state average of 13.4%.

One of the most striking features of Delaware County is its high average life expectancy of 82.1 years. This is a remarkable five years longer than the state average of 77 years. Such a statistic not only speaks to the quality of healthcare services but also suggests a healthier lifestyle among its residents.

Education is another area where Delaware County shines. A staggering 57.1% of adults in the county hold a bachelor’s degree, dwarfing the state average of 29.7%. This high level of educational attainment is a testament to the quality of schools and the value the community places on education.

The median household income in Delaware County stands at an impressive $116,284, further emphasizing the prosperity that its residents enjoy. The county’s affluence and educational achievements make it an ideal place for both families and individuals seeking a high standard of living.

For a comprehensive look at how each county in the U.S. ranks, check out the full report on 24/7 Wall St.

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