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As of Saturday, Delaware County has a new operating traffic roundabout.

The much-anticipated project at the intersection of Sawmill Road and Presidential Parkway marks a significant step towards enhancing road safety and operational efficiency in the area. The project, which cost $1.55 million, has been underway since August, with the Presidential Parkway being closed for construction. The new roundabout promises to address the long-standing issue of high crash rates and severity at this intersection.

A Study in Safety: The Path to a Roundabout

A thorough safety study was conducted to understand the best possible solution for reducing crashes and improving safety at the intersection of Old Sawmill Road and Presidential Parkway. Among the four long-term alternatives considered, the single-lane roundabout emerged as the most effective and economical choice. The options of an all-way stop control and a traffic signal, although considered, did not provide the same level of safety benefits and were therefore not pursued further.

Benefits of the Roundabout: Safety and Efficiency

The introduction of the roundabout is expected to bring multiple benefits:

  • Reduced Speeds: Lower vehicle speeds near the intersection, enhancing safety for both drivers and pedestrians.
  • Fewer Crashes: A significant reduction in the number of annual crashes.
  • Less Severe Crashes: A decrease in the severity of crashes that do occur.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency: Enhancing the overall flow of traffic along the Sawmill Road corridor.

Comprehensive Project Features

The project encompasses several key elements:

  • Conversion of the intersection into a single-lane roundabout.
  • Resurfacing and restriping of Presidential Parkway between Sawmill Parkway and the intersection.
  • Installation of a new storm sewer system in line with existing drainage patterns.
  • Introduction of intersection lighting for improved visibility and safety.
  • Extension of the Shared-Use Path along the west leg of Presidential Parkway, leading up to the intersection.

This roundabout is a significant investment in the safety and efficiency of local traffic flow, addressing longstanding concerns and setting a new standard for road design in the area.

Views of the project can be seen in the video below.

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