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A vital initiative unfolds each spring in Delaware County. SourcePoint, a beacon for supporting older adults, embarked on its crucial annual fundraising campaign for Meals on Wheels on March 1. This program is not just about delivering nearly 300,000 meals annually; it’s a lifeline for more than 1,500 community members aged 55 and older, offering not only nutrition but also companionship and a daily wellness check.

A Meal That Does More

The significance of SourcePoint’s Meals on Wheels cannot be overstated, especially as the cost of food and supplies surges alongside the demand for home-delivered meals. With an average meal production cost of $9.70 as of year-end 2023, the organization’s efforts to ensure no senior is left behind are more crucial than ever. These meals are tailored to meet various dietary needs, including low-sodium, carb-controlled, vegetarian, and mechanically altered options, highlighting the program’s commitment to providing nutritious, enjoyable meals to its recipients.

Beyond the Plate

SourcePoint’s strategy extends beyond fundraising; it’s about advocacy and awareness. The “Community Champion” initiative invites local leaders to step into the shoes of volunteers, delivering meals and experiencing firsthand the impact of their contributions. This approach not only underscores the importance of the program but also strengthens community ties. Among the volunteers are notable figures such as Ohio Representative Brian Lorenz and Delaware County Sheriff Jeff Balzer, emphasizing the broad support for this cause.

A Call to Action

The partnership with OhioHealth as the campaign’s sponsor underscores the campaign’s significance, highlighting the community’s united front in supporting older adults’ health and well-being. SourcePoint encourages everyone to engage with and support the campaign in any capacity. By visiting, community members can learn more about the program, explore ways to contribute, and follow the journey on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Source: SourcePoint; Image by DALL-E 3

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