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In an effort to enhance medical response times and improve outcomes for stroke patients, the Harlem Township Fire Department has initiated a groundbreaking pilot program involving a specialized City of Columbus mobile stroke vehicle. This advanced medical unit is equipped to provide critical care en route to the hospital, functioning as a mobile stroke treatment unit.

Pioneering Medical Technology on Wheels

As Chief Thomas O’Brien shared at this week’s Harlem Township Trustee meeting, the vehicle is designed to offer comprehensive stroke care at the scene of the emergency. Equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology, it includes CT scanning capabilities that allow for immediate imaging to diagnose the type of stroke a patient is experiencing. This is critical, as the treatment for ischemic stroke (caused by a blood clot) differs vastly from that required for a hemorrhagic stroke (caused by a bleeding vessel).

Immediate Care, Better Outcomes

The ability to administer treatment immediately significantly enhances the chances of recovery and reduces the potential for long-term disability. For stroke victims, time is of the essence. The vehicle’s on-board medical team includes paramedics, a nurse, and a neurologist, who can administer tPA (a clot-busting drug) within the crucial golden hour following the onset of stroke symptoms.

What It Can Do

The Columbus Mobile Stroke Unit is a specialized ambulance that is equipped to rapidly diagnose and treat stroke patients in the field. Some key points about the Columbus Mobile Stroke Unit:

  • It is staffed by advanced practice providers, CT technicians, and paramedics who are specially trained in stroke care. The unit also has an onboard CT scanner and point-of-care lab testing equipment.
  • The Mobile Stroke Unit is designed to get stroke patients emergency treatment more than 30 minutes faster than a regular ambulance. This is critical, as every minute counts when treating a stroke – for every minute that passes, an estimated 1.5 million brain cells die.
  • The Mobile Stroke Unit connects virtually with OhioHealth stroke neurologists during transport to the hospital, allowing them to rapidly evaluate, diagnose, and begin treatment of the patient before they even arrive at the hospital.
  • Since launching in 2019, the Columbus Mobile Stroke Unit has helped treat over 450 stroke patients in the Cincinnati area.
  • The unit is a collaborative project between OhioHealth and other central Ohio health systems, with the goal of bringing advanced stroke care directly to patients in the field.

Community Impact and Feedback

Since its introduction, the Columbus stroke vehicle has been actively serving the community, providing lifesaving interventions on the spot. Local residents and officials have expressed strong support for the program, noting the positive impact it has had on emergency medical services in the area. “The stroke vehicle is a vital asset to our emergency response system,” said a local health official. “It’s not just about saving lives, but also about improving the quality of life post-recovery.”

Looking Ahead: Expansion and Enhancements

The success of the pilot program in this corner of Delaware County has sparked discussions about expanding the service to cover more areas. Additionally, plans are underway to enhance the capabilities of the vehicle, including upgrading diagnostic tools and increasing the number of staff trained in acute stroke care.

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