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In a meeting scheduled for Thursday, November 16, 2023, at 6:00 PM, the Orange Township Board of Zoning Appeals will convene in the Moffett Room at the Orange Township Hall, located at 1680 E. Orange Rd.. The session is set to discuss a series of variance applications that represent diverse requests from educational institutions to renowned fast-food chains.

Educational Facility Seeks Parking Space Flexibility

The first item, Variance Application #VA-23-22, involves a request from Jeff Gordon on behalf of the Olentangy Board of Education. Located at 7774 Graphics Way, the site currently falls under the Planned Commercial and Office (PC) District. The request seeks an area variance to reduce the required parking spaces – a move that could have an impact on traffic and space utilization in the area.

Financial Institution and Signage Regulations

Next, under Variance / Conditional Use Application #VA-CU-23-23, Rebecca Green of Columbus Sign Company represents CME Federal Credit Union. The site, located at 6459 Artesian Run, faces a unique challenge. The application requests five area variances to exceed the fifteen-foot height limit for wall signs and a conditional use for a monument sign. This request tests the balance between corporate branding and township aesthetic standards.

Fast Food Chain’s Structural and Signage Plans

In a similar vein, Variance / Conditional Use Application #VA-CU-23-24, presented by Seth Dorman of Permit Solutions on behalf of McDonald’s Corporation, addresses the site at 6691 Artesian Run. The request includes area variances for a monument sign and an exemption from the required pitched roof design.

Chick-Fil-A’s Ambitious Expansion Proposal

Lastly, Variance Application #VA-23-25, submitted by Shaun Walker from Chick-Fil-A for the site at 55 Meadow Park Avenue, encompasses six area variances. These include adjustments to setback rules, wall sign height limitations, and impervious surface ratios. This proposal signifies a significant investment in the area, potentially enhancing local business activity.

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