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Westerville’s high schools are embracing Black History Month with a fresh and innovative perspective. Each institution, Westerville Central, North, and South, is presenting its unique program, aiming to celebrate and educate on the rich tapestry of Black history and culture. These programs are not just about recounting historical facts; they are immersive experiences designed to resonate deeply with the Black student community and beyond.

Creative Commotion at Westerville Central

Westerville Central High School (WCHS) is setting the stage with its “Creative Commotion: Black Students of Excellence” program. Senior Ebbie Ntim, the brainchild behind the show, envisions an event that leaves the audience voiceless from cheering and dancing. The program, inspired by the vibrant world of TikTok, showcases a variety of talents through dance, spoken word, rapping, singing, and even Double Dutch jump rope, celebrating Black joy in a contemporary format. Scheduled for 7:00 PM on February 22 and 23, the auditorium at WCHS will be a spectacle of talent and celebration. Tickets are available for $5.

Perspectives at Westerville North

At Westerville North High School (WNHS), the “Perspectives” program takes the audience on a journey through time. Through the creative lens of time travel, students are transported into the lives of iconic figures such as Ella Fitzgerald, Alvin Ailey, Angela Davis, and Ronnie DeVoe, offering insights into the diverse narratives of Black history beyond the civil rights movement. Co-student director Mariah Chaffin hopes the program, scheduled for 7:00 PM on February 22, will expand attendees’ understanding of Black history’s integral role in American history. Tickets are available for $5.

Dear Black People at Westerville South

“Dear Black People,” the program at Westerville South High School (WSHS), delves into the exploration of cultural identity. Through a narrative centered around a student discovering his heritage, the show traverses various countries, religions, and cultures, culminating in a celebration of African-American pride. Featuring an array of performances from scripted scenes and songs to spoken word and tribal dances, the program highlights the multifaceted talent within the student body. Showtimes are set for 5:00 PM on February 14 and 15, with tickets priced at $5.

Each program not only serves as a platform for students to express their talents and educate their peers but also acts as a vibrant reminder of the diversity and depth of Black history and culture.

Image by Jordy Torres Villalta from Pixabay

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