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At its meeting on December 6, Sunbury City Council had a full agenda which included detailed committee reports as well as consideration of a number of legislative items.

Included among measures considered was a First Reading of a Resolution to approve Huntington National Bank’s Site Plan and Building Application for construction of a financial institution with drive-up banking services at 221 W. Cherry Street (see photo). The Planning Commission had considered the matter and it came through to Council via a 3-1 vote.

At the Commission level, four matters were raised as concerns. One of those, involving landscaping, was agreed to by the applicant after the meeting. Screening of a dumpster was also recommended and subsequently agreed to by the applicant. Installation of a sidewalk on the service drive was also discussed.

Council members were asked to review the Commission video, and the applicant will be attending the next Council meeting to make a full presentation.

Detailed Committee Reports

The meeting highlighted significant progress and initiatives across various committees:

Parks and Recreation Developments
  • National Fitness Campaign: A plan for a new fitness court set for 2025 was a focal point, reflecting the city’s commitment to health and wellness.
  • Old Orchard Park Enhancements: Improvements in park aesthetics and utility, including fruit tree visibility and bench installations, were discussed.
  • Christmas on the Square: The success of this event underscored the city’s vibrant community spirit and event management proficiency.

Events and Safety Initiatives

  • Special Event Permit Policy Revision: Amendments for enhanced safety were confirmed, showcasing the city’s focus on public safety during events.
  • Community Engagement Feedback: Positive public responses to recent events, especially Christmas on the Square, highlighted effective community outreach.
Administrative and Infrastructure Updates
  • Building Renovation Projects: Updates on structural improvements, including window replacements, were discussed, indicating ongoing infrastructure development.
  • Environmental Efforts: The council discussed the removal of environmental hazards and traffic improvements, showcasing their environmental stewardship and urban planning acumen.

Engineering and Public Works

  • Reservoir Parks Project (Dam Project): Progress in this critical infrastructure project was confirmed, reflecting the city’s commitment to environmental management and public amenities.
  • GIS Mapping and Street Evaluation: The implementation of the Pacer program within the GIS framework demonstrated the city’s innovative approach to urban management and planning.

Image: City of Sunbury

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