Checking In With Delaware County’s Student News Operations

18 Apr , 2021  

By 1808Delaware

The world of local media has been turned upside down over the last ten years, and that process is actually picking up steam, not slowing down.

Traditional news operations have been reduced dramatically on one hand, while independent, digital-focused sites like 1808Delaware have appeared in scores of American communities.

As you might imagine, a similar change has been happening in the country’s colleges and high schools, which have dramatically altered journalism and media curriculum to match these shifts.

At Ohio Wesleyan University, the country’s oldest continuously-run student newspaper, The Transcript, had a final run in 2020. It is planning to re-launch sometime this spring in a different format:

At the same time, high school journalism survives in at least two Delaware County high schools, and we are readers of the work of The Talisman at Delaware Hayes High School and The Odyssey at Westerville North High School.

To honor their efforts, we include two recent stories from both of those publications below. Reading these makes it clear that good writing and insightful reporting are alive and well in central Ohio!

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