There’s proof that Delaware County is home to some very generous people.  Not only that, the same can be said for some of its neighbors and near-neighbors

This was the conclusion of a recent analysis performed by the financial company Smart Asset.[widgets_on_pages id=1]

According to the IRS-date fueled study, “Which counties have the most generous residents? To answer this question, we looked at two factors: how much people donate as a percentage of their net income, and the proportion of people in a given county who made charitable donations.”

The two factors thus generated were indexed and equally weighted to yield a “Most Charitable County Index” number.

The following numbers were generated for Delaware County:

Contributions as percentage of income – 23.2%
Contributions as percentage of population – 89.6%
Most Charitable County Index – 66.0

Delaware’s result was highest by far. The second highest index number was for Warren County, which had a 52.6.

Other nearby counties also scored highly. Union County was at number 5, Fairfield at 7, and Franklin at 9.

SmartAsset is self-described as “the Internet’s most-viewed financial technology company which helps people make smarter financial decisions. The survey appeared on its newly-launched, and can be viewed here.

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