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The Sunbury/Big Walnut Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the City of Sunbury, is heralding a new chapter of economic and social transformation by inviting a speaker to talk on the subject of community synergy. It’s a narrative woven with the threads of innovation and community development, spearheaded by tech giants like Intel, Starlab, and Honda LG. Central Ohio stands on the cusp of change, not just incremental but monumental.

The Vanguards of Change: Intel and Partners

The effort is premised on the idea that Intel’s venture will ripple through the fabric of communities, steering them towards a future where technology and humanity converge. The implications are vast: transportation systems will evolve, educational horizons will broaden, housing markets will recalibrate, and community growth will accelerate.

An Architect of Community Synergy

Speaker Betsy Goldstein is a visionary in community engagement and an orchestrator of strategic partnerships. As the Founder and CEO of Betsy Goldstein Consulting, she has carved a niche in uniting disparate community segments to foster synergistic outcomes. Her foresight into the Intel initiative’s potential has galvanized her into action. By engaging with legislators, stakeholders, and business magnates, Goldstein has distilled the essence of Intel’s impact across cities, transforming insights into action.

With over 180 presentations in the last year, she has become a beacon for organizations, communities, and businesses, guiding them towards navigating and leveraging the opportunities that Central Ohio’s transformation presents.

Community Invited to Embrace Change

This narrative of progress is not reserved for the select few; it is an open invitation to all. The event is scheduled for the evening of Wednesday, January 24 at 6:00 PM at the Big Walnut High School Auditorium. It’s an opportunity for every citizen, business, and organization to grasp the forthcoming changes and sculpt a preparedness plan for the Silicon Heartland era.

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