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The Delaware County Commissioners recognized August as Child Support Awareness Month in a session earlier this week. This comes with a heartfelt acknowledgment of the relentless work by the Delaware County Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA). The agency has been instrumental in providing services to nearly 5,500 children, ensuring they receive the support required for a bright future.

Resolution 23-631: Child Support Awareness Month
The Resolution number 23-631 reads:

“Resolution number 23-631 in the matter of designating August 2023 as Child Support Awareness Month in Delaware.”

This resolution is not just a statement, but an embodiment of commitment, with key objectives to:

  • Foster awareness about child support.
  • Emphasize its crucial role in encouraging responsible parenting.
  • Strengthen family self-sufficiency.
  • Ensure the overall well-being of children.
Delaware County CSEA: A Pillar of Support

The Delaware County CSEA has been a beacon of support for the children of the county. Last year alone, the agency collected over $23 million, providing children the resources they need to thrive.

The services provided by the agency include:

  • Locating Parents: Finding those who may be avoiding their obligations.
  • Establishing Parentage: Identifying and legally affirming the biological parents of children.
  • Child Support and Medical Support Orders: Organizing the financial support details.
  • Collecting and Distributing Child Support: Managing the distribution of child support funds.
  • Modifying Orders When Necessary: Adjusting orders to align with changing situations.
  • Enforcing Unpaid Orders: Ensuring adherence to unpaid child support responsibilities.
Success Amid Challenges

The agency’s remarkable success rate of 84.73% in collections is an admirable feat, particularly during tough economic times. This accomplishment spotlights the agency as one of the best in the state.

The resolution’s success was marked by a unanimous vote by the commissioners. The collective decision demonstrates the county’s unwavering commitment to child welfare. A photo from the meeting is below.

Source: Delaware County; Photo: 1808Delaware

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