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The Delaware County Board of Commissioners has approved its general-fund budget for 2024. The $143,814,358 figure approved is a 5.1% increase over the 2023 budget of $136,847,303 for operating and capital expenditures.

The County is projecting revenues of $143,814,358 in 2024, an increase of 6.1% from $135,524,347 projected for revenues in 2023. Through Oct. 31, the County’s actual revenues have been $124,154,586.

“Thanks to our conservative fiscal management,” said Commissioner Jeff Benton, President of this year’s Board, “we’re able to maintain our AAA bond rating while increasing spending on transportation. We have also opened the new Byxbe Campus without incurring debt and we have provided raises to our outstanding staff while absorbing a large increase in healthcare costs. Plus, we were able to fund a $6.5 million rollback in property taxes to help our taxpayers.”

Other factors impacting the 2024 budget were:

  • Increased staffing in the Clerk of Courts’ office, Domestic Relations Court, Sheriff’s Office, the Commissioners’ Economic Development Department, Emergency Communications (911), Treasurer’s Office, Auditor’s Office, and Facilities Management staff for the Byxbe Campus.
  • An increase of $5,284,301 or 38.7% in investments in roadway and bridge improvements throughout the County.

Commissioner Gary Merrell said: “Preparing a budget for a county growing as fast as Delaware County has always been a challenge. The needs inevitably exceed the resources. But, once again with good stewardship, we have produced a balanced budget, in no small part due to the support of our elected officials and department heads.”

Added Commissioner Barb Lewis: “We are indeed fortunate in Delaware County to be able to manage our budget prudently while continuing to invest in a quality of life that our residents and business owners deserve. This requires investment not only in capital projects, but in the staff members of county government who provide so many essential services to the public, day in and day out.”

The following chart shows what the approved budget for each elected official’s office was for 2023, the amount approved for 2024, and the percentage change from 2023. Also included are figures from three agencies that are directed by separately appointed boards.

  2023 approved budget 2024 approved budget% change from 2023 budget
Auditor $  1,895,890 $    2,209,73216.6%
Commissioners $ 49,613,401 $ 47,698,498-3.9%
Clerk of Courts $    1,362,516 $    1,468,2547.8%
Common Pleas (General) $   3,266,322 $    3,466,5386.1%
Coroner $      719,950 $       726,7060.9%
Court of Appeals $       50,000 $         50,0000.0%
Domestic Relations $  2,290,757 $     2,748,61520.0%
Engineer $  19,719,391 $  27,836,48441.2%
Juvenile/Probate $  5,001,009 $     5,557,81311.1%
Municipal Court $      591,980 $        591,9800.0%
Prosecutor $   3,770,283 $     4,219,97311.9%
Recorder $       714,221 $       529,620-25.8%
Sheriff $ 33,510,632 $    37,461,31411.8%
Treasurer $      919,537 $     1,052,12414.4%
Board of Elections $   3,429,753 $   4,040,08217.8%
Public Defender $  2,237,662 $     2,363,1005.6%
Veterans Service $  1,502,898 $     1,793,52519.3%

For a copy of the Budget Resolution, please click HERE.

Source: Delaware County

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