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Delaware City Hall’s Council Chambers is set to host a regular City Council meeting on January 8, encompassing strategic discussions and legislative decisions. The event will start with a 6:00 PM work session, followed by the main meeting at 7:00 PM.

6:00 PM: Focusing on Regional Development

The evening will begin with a work session dedicated to the Delaware Southwest Focus Area Plan. This session, led by Sarah Kelly, AICP, Director of planning NEXT, will be a crucial platform for discussing development strategies in this significant region of Delaware.

7:00 PM: Major Legislative Items on the Table

The main meeting at 7:00 PM will see the Council deliberating on several key legislative items, each with the potential to significantly influence the city’s landscape. Notable items on the agenda include:

  1. Second Reading of Ordinance No. 23-97: This ordinance involves a critical amendment to the employment agreement with the City Manager. The modification aims to align the terms of employment with current administrative and operational needs.
  2. Second Reading of Ordinance No. 23-98: This item seeks Council’s approval for the Mayor to execute a consulting services agreement. The agreement is anticipated to bring in expert advice for various city projects, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in public service delivery.
  3. Consideration of Ordinance No. 24-02: This ordinance is focused on supplementing the 2024 appropriations. The additional funding is essential for supporting ongoing city projects and ensuring the smooth functioning of municipal services.
  4. Municipal Income Tax Revision in Ordinance No. 24-03: A significant amendment to the city’s municipal income tax regulations is proposed in this ordinance, aiming to streamline tax collection and compliance processes.
  5. Kilbourne 521 Annexation in Ordinance No. 24-01: This ordinance involves the annexation of approximately 230 acres of land, a move that could greatly influence the city’s development and spatial planning.

Public Hearings and Zoning Reform

Critical zoning decisions will also be discussed, with public hearings scheduled for:

  • 7:15 PM: Addressing amendments related to controlled parking areas and parking lots in Ordinance No. 23-90.
  • 7:30 PM and 7:35 PM: Focusing on the Northwood development project, these hearings will delve into rezoning issues and the establishment of a Planned Mixed Use Overlay District on a significant land parcel.

The January 8 City Council meeting is anticipated to be a significant milestone in Delaware’s planning and development journey. The decisions made will have a lasting impact on the city’s growth, urban planning, and fiscal management. Engagement and participation from community members are highly encouraged.

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