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The City of Delaware has recently published its Water Quality Report for the year, providing an in-depth analysis of the water quality for its residents. The report is a transparent account of the city’s efforts to ensure that safe and clean drinking water is available to all citizens. Available online, the report can be accessed at the following link:

The Water Quality Report adheres to the guidelines set forth by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA). These agencies are responsible for establishing and enforcing regulations related to water quality standards across the country and the state, respectively.

The report covers several important aspects of water quality, including:

Source Water Assessment: The City of Delaware obtains its drinking water from various sources, including groundwater wells and the Olentangy River. The report provides an assessment of these sources and discusses the city’s efforts to protect them from potential contamination.

Water Treatment Process: The report outlines the multi-step process involved in treating water to ensure its safety for consumption. This includes a detailed description of the steps taken to remove contaminants and the addition of necessary chemicals to kill bacteria and other microorganisms.

Water Quality Monitoring: The report highlights the importance of consistent monitoring to ensure that water quality standards are met. It discusses the city’s testing procedures, including the frequency of tests, types of contaminants monitored, and the comparison of results to established standards.

Detected Contaminants: The City of Delaware has conducted extensive testing for various contaminants, including heavy metals, bacteria, and chemical compounds. The report provides a comprehensive list of detected contaminants, along with their corresponding concentration levels and the established limits.

Compliance with Regulations: The report emphasizes the city’s compliance with both federal and state regulations concerning water quality standards. It details any violations that may have occurred and the corrective actions taken to address them.

Educational Materials: The report provides educational materials to help residents better understand the importance of water quality and ways they can help protect and conserve water resources.

The City of Delaware’s Water Quality Report is an important resource for residents, providing a transparent and comprehensive overview of the city’s water quality standards and efforts to maintain them. By adhering to federal and state regulations, the City of Delaware ensures that safe and clean drinking water is available to all its citizens. To access the full report, please visit

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